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  •   March 30, 2015
    Greetings from Purdue University Northwest,

      I am pleased to welcome you to Purdue University Northwest (PNW), your home for the next three years. With a student body of more than 9,000, Purdue Northwest offers distinctive academic programs, an exceptional honors program, and other unique learning opportunities that help our students achieve their academic and career goals.
      Located just 30 minutes away from Chicago, PNW provides the opportunity to earn an internationally distinguished Purdue degree at an excellent value, while having access to a global city right in the heart of America.
      What makes Purdue Northwest stand out from other universities are the “hands-on-learning” programs that our faculty members lead by partnering with businesses and organizations throughout the community, by guiding the student’s experiences, and by ensuring that the quality of the experience meets national standards for experiential learning.
      Studying in the United States can be exciting, but also a great challenge. Therefore, we will make every effort to support you as you experience the many educational and social opportunities that will make your time with us as rewarding as you hope it will be.
      I invite you to take this opportunity to explore the realm of possibilities that Purdue Northwest can offer in uncovering your innate potential. Come shine with us.

      Thomas L. Keon,